Recent Things

Real Life has swallowed Fiction Life these last few months, so this website has been lonely. I’ve still been pecking away at the keyboard, but not nearly with the frequency I’d planned for this year. Still, there have been happenings. Thus, a quick summation:

My story “True Life 50 Miles” has been published in the inaugural issue of See the Elephant, a magazine I hope to see succeed, if this first batch is any indication of Melanie Lamaga’s eye for editorship. You can read “True Life 50 Miles” for free here.

My story “The Death of Socrates” will be published by weird auteur CM Muller’s new journal, Nightscript, alongside another excellent stable of authors. Muller knows his weird, so this is one to really look forward to.

The Dark, one of my favorite magazines, recently purchased my story “The Devil Under the Maison Blue” for their November 2015 issue. Another line drawn in the bucket list.

And, finally, a bigger piece of news is on the horizon. More about that soon.

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