Aickman’s Heirs Out There

Aickman’s Heirs, edited by Simon Strantzas, has been out in the world since late May, and I stand by my original prediction: It is very, very good, the kind of good that makes you wonder why there haven’t been a dozen Robert Aickman tributes before now. Fans of Reggie Oliver and Peter Straub will likewise find an awful lot to like here. Buy it directly from Undertow Publications (small presses deserve every penny for their blood, sweat, and tears) or from any online retailer worth its salt, such as that little startup I’ve heard about.

I’ll share a couple of reviews here, both of which, yes, had nice things to say about my contribution, “A Discreet Music.”

If you’re curious about Aickman, I won’t mind if you start with the master’s work. The “strange story” has never been and likely never will be done better than he did it.

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