NecronomiCon 2015

I’ll be in Providence RI tomorrow for the beginning of NecronomiCon, that great beacon for weird and horror. After having attended my first convention just this past May at the World Horror Convention (while sitting on two panels), it’s great to be able to venture north to NecronomiCon in the same year. I’ll be meeting new friends, seeing a handful for the second time, and absorbing many Lovecraftian wonders.

Aickman’s Heirs is having a book launch at the convention on Saturday, August 22, wherein editor Simon Strantzas and authors Michael Cisco, John Langan, Richard Gavin, Daniel Mills, David Nickle, and I will be present to read from our stories, sign books, offer snacks, etc. I’m already honored to be in the same room as these people. Very much looking forward to the entire weekend.

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