Award nominations

Shirley Jackson Award, Single-Author Collection
IAFA Crawford Award
This Is Horror Award, Runner-Up, Short Story Collection of the Year
Premio Ignotus, Foreign Story
Premio Amaltea, Best Translation – WINNER (to José Ángel de Dios for his translation of Greener Pastures/Un lugar mejor)

Reviews of Greener Pastures

Cemetery Dance Online
Des Lewis’ Dreamcatcher Real-Time Review
This Is Horror
Ginger Nuts of Horror
Horror After Dark
Larval Forms
Splatterpunk Zine
See the Elephant Magazine
The Entity in the Chapel (5 Horror Reads for Summer)
Horror Novel Reviews
Beavis the Bookhead
The Horror Review
Adam Nevill’s New Horror Fiction Recommendations
Shotgun Logic (Top Five Books So Far in 2016)
The Haunted Omnibus
The Conqueror Weird
Dead End Follies
31 Days of Halloween – John Rozum
James Everington – Scattershot Writing
Unnerving Magazine
Exploring Otherwheres
The Rotting Zombie
Wraiths & Roses
Daughter Of The Forests
S.J. Budd

Reviews of The Tired Sounds, A Wake

This Is Horror
Beavis the Bookhead
The Sanguine Woods

Reviews of Everything Is Beautiful and Nothing Bad Can Ever Happen Here

Cemetery Dance
Kendall Reviews
Read By Dusk
Intersections in the Darkest Visions
F*cked Up Books
This Is Horror

The Horror of Nachos and Hamantaschen (podcast)
Unnerving Magazine
Ginger Nuts of Horror
The Haunted Omnibus
Angela Slatter – Shadows & Tall Trees 7 Author Spotlight
Simon Bestwick – The Lowdown
The Little Red Reviewer
31 Hath October
Cemetery Dance: My First Fright
Unnerving Magazine (podcast)
Mother Horror
Silent Motorist Media
Logan Noble, Author
The Outer Dark (podcast)
This Is Horror


ThoughtCraft Cast ep. 24 (Podcaster Cayleigh Elise and her husband Alex spend an hour and a half delving into all 11 stories in Greener Pastures!)
Cemetery Dance – Exhumed (features spoiler-heavy, in-depth review of my story “The Inconsolable” and Steve Rasnic Tem’s “The Double”)
The Quietus – Adam Nevill’s Favourite Horror Short Stories (ending the wonderful list is my story “October Film Haunt: Under the House“)
The Taco Society Presents, Episode 34Greener Pastures discussed as one of the year’s best books
“A Discreet Music” featured in This Is Horror Midnight Mix-Tape
“The true-weird and the dreadful ‘large’: post millennium American horror literature” (academic paper on discussing stories by Laird Barron, Brian Evenson, Thomas Ligotti, and Michael Wehunt)
Un lugar mejor (Spanish translation of Greener Pastures) chosen as one of the best books of the year by Libros Prohibidos
Guest post on Kendall Reviews – novel-writing advice
Piece on my story “A Thousand Hundred Years” on The Rumpus

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