Read “The Pine Arch Collection” for Free

My new short story, “The Pine Arch Collection,” is now live over at The Dark. I’m always happy to publish in this magazine. Silvia Moreno-Garcia and Sean Wallace are excellent and diverse curators, and the fiction they give us is never behind a paywall.

This is a slightly idiosyncratic story in that it’s told entirely through emails. I don’t want to give away anything beyond that except to say that anyone who’s read my story “October Film Haunt: Under the House” (from my collection Greener Pastures) will recognize some interesting and fun overlap. I wanted to write another love letter to found footage horror films and the concept of storytelling itself, so it made perfect and giddy sense to link Pine Arch Research to the October Film Haunt group.

The motives and media of this strange Pine Arch Research collective are something I’ll be dabbling in from time to time. In a further attempt at meta fun, “The Pine Arch Collection” is also connected with another new story of mine. That one’s called “Vampire Fiction,” but it won’t be published for a little while yet as it will be original to my second story collection.

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