Un Lugar Mejor a Best Book of the Year

Libros Prohibidos has chosen Un lugar mejor, the Spanish-language translation of my story collection, Greener Pastures, as one of the best books of 2017. Being on a list like this, anywhere in the world, is an honor that always knocks the wind out of me for a moment, so many thanks to these fine folks.


Un lugar mejor is a gorgeous edition¬†beautifully translated and published by Dilatando Mentes Editorial in Spain, featuring incredible art, marginalia, extras, and even a scannable playlist I was asked to curate for each story in the book. It’s one of the highlights of my career thus far.

2 thoughts on “Un Lugar Mejor a Best Book of the Year

  1. So Michael, Un lugar mejor translates to A better place. Did you have any input to the Spanish title? How do you feel about it? (I also note that only the first word in the title has a capital letter — do you know if that’s a Spanish thing?)

    1. Yes, I had input. Since “greener pastures” is not idiomatic in Spanish, the publisher suggested “un lugar mejor” as the closest equivalent, what someone would say when moving on to new things. In this case it’s a pretty literal way to phrase it, haha, but I think it has a nice ring to it. Only capitalizing the first word of the title does seem to me to be a Spanish custom, though I haven’t seen a huge number of examples.

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