Release Day: Shadows & Tall Trees 7

May 2 brings what will surely be one of 2017’s best anthologies to official life! Note that I didn’t qualify that with ” literary horror” or “weird fiction.” I believe Shadows & Tall Trees 7 will be one of the year’s best collections of stories, full stop. Some of the very brightest stars in dark literature form an astonishing table of contents. Follow the Amazon links for Kindle, paperback, or the gorgeous deluxe hardcover with its own unique cover art and design. You can learn more about the book and/or buy directly from the publisher at Undertow Publications. Editor Michael Kelly really pours his heart into everything Undertow produces, and this book is absolutely no exception.

Ack, an ulterior motive! Yes, I have a story sharing space with those aforementioned stars in this book. It’s called “Root-Light” and is a tribute to poets starring some very interesting, ah, houseguests.

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