Adam Nevill Recommends Greener Pastures

Adam Nevill, one of my favorite horror authors, has a short list of highly recommended horror fiction books up at his blog. Leading off is Greener Pastures, and I couldn’t be happier with what he has to say. Nevill, primarily a novelist, is based in the UK, where his books are extremely popular. He’s getting more and more notoriety in the States as well. I particularly recommend his novels Last Days and House of Small Shadows. Amazingly, he’s yet to publish a short story collection, but that’s about to change, as Some Will Not Sleep is coming soon. Virtually no one does creepy better than this author.

Many thanks to Mr. Nevill for reading Greener Pastures and recommending it so enthusiastically to others. Also, check out the other books on Nevill’s list, too. I echo his praise for them.

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