Two new story sales

As the title of this post so subtly hints, I’ve sold two new stories recently. 

Unlikely Story will be publishing “Bookends” in their annual Journal of Unlikely Entomology. It’s a story of grief and a paralyzing decision, costarring periodical cicadas. The issue will be out in November. I’m looking forward to the strange and interesting imaginings of bugs in this issue. With my story, though, it will be regular old cicadas with no clockwork springs or alien mutations. Hopefully the real-life-ness of “Bookends” will fit nicely. Unlikely Story is one of my absolute favorite places for fiction, so I’m more than just regular old happy.

Aghast, a new and brilliantly illustrated magazine, will be featuring my story “Greener Pastures” sometime soon. Two truckers in a diner hash out what’s really in the lonely spots between towns on the road map. Aghast‘s debut issue is out soon, so it’s likely I’ll be slated for the second. I have high hopes for this publication. There are some formidable folks behind it.

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