Strange VHS Tape, Part 1

I happened across a faded old VHS tape in a Maine thrift store/junk shop late last summer while on vacation. It wasn’t until this past week I got around to digging up a DVD/VHS combo in our basement and was half-shocked that the machine still worked. The other half of that shock wasn’t far behind. I slid the tape in and these watery, degraded images began to appear. The beginning of a film. One whose title is far too close for comfort.

Here are photos I took of the first two images seen. There is no pause button on the machine itself, and I cannot locate the remote control. I cannot locate a good night’s sleep, either.




I will share more images later. At the moment I have no way to transfer the film onto my computer–as an .avi file, for example–and to be honest, I’m not sure that would be wise for me until I know more. If that’s even possible.

One thing I know: There are not many Michael Wehunts in the world.

Read part 2 here

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