2017 in Review

Ah, the year-end writerly recap. I wrote far more in 2017 than I ever had in a year (about 150,000 words) and had a pretty nice publishing slate. My collection, Greener Pastures, continued to find its way into new hands as it turned one year old and now approaches the end of its second year. The Nocturnal Reader’s Box (an excellent dark fiction subscription service) purchased many copies of it for their September Monster Mayhem box, and the reaction from all those new readers was incredible.

Here’s a list of what I published this year. Links can be found on my Bibliography page.

Books published:
“The Tired Sounds, A Wake” (novella) with Dim Shores
Un lugar mejor (Spanish translation of Greener Pastures) with Dilatando Mentes Editorial

Original stories published:
“Root-Light” in Shadows & Tall Trees 7
“Drawing God” in Shadows Over Main Street Volume 2
“In Canada” in Looming Low
“The Loved One (Being Among the Thousand Forms of Nyarlathotep)” in Walk on the Weird Side (a collaboration with artist Michael Bukowski)
“Holoow” in Darker Companions: Celebrating 50 Years of Ramsey Campbell
“An Ending (Ascent)” in Gamut

Reprints published:
“A Discreet Music” in The Dark
“October Film Haunt: Under the House” in The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy & Horror 2017 (publication delayed but maybe before the end of the year)

If you’ve read any of these, thank you!

Award considerations for Greener Pastures:
Shirley Jackson Award nomination, Single-Author Collection
IAFA Crawford Award shortlist
This Is Horror Award runner-up, Best Collection

New stuff written:
1 novel
1 novella
2 novelettes (plus 1/4 of a collaborative one)
1 short story (I have nearly forgotten how to do these!)

So yes, a wonderful year as an author. It was also a fairly quiet year on the surface, which was actually nice to have after Greener Pastures in 2016. It gave me the opportunity to enjoy what it has given me, learn from it, and gain perspective on what I expect of myself going forward. 2018 *could* be a very important year for me as an author. My first novel is, needless to say, a big deal for me. It has not been seen by a single editor yet, so the crackle of nervous energy is starting to really build up there. I will likely start compiling my second story collection in the spring. I believe I now have all the stories chosen for it (along with several I love but will not be including), and it feels like a complete book, the right book. But I will bide my time a little longer.

Or 2018 could be an even quieter year. We shall see. In the meantime, I wish all of you the very happiest of holidays and prosperity in the coming year. Be good to one another.

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